Seat mounted, dashboard started, pedals coming along

I seem to be subconsciously avoiding working on the suspension. I have my rear suspension geometry finalized, I just need to go ahead and mount the brackets on to the frame and start making the control arms.. I guess I still have a couple of things left to figure out before I can build the control arms though, like where exactly I want to have the shock mount.  That’s one of the beautiful things about building a car from scratch though, there’s no specific order you have to do it in, only a set of tasks that must be finished at some point, with a relative few number of interdependencies.

I started working on the dashboard, which I’ve decided to model after the Caterham CSR’s tubular exo-skeleton dashboard.

I’m using .84″ round tubing, bending it with a super fancy (2×4′s screwed into the side of my build table) setup, and welding the tubes directly to the frame.  The hope is to increase the torsional rigidity of the frame since a lot of rigidity is lost due to the large open box area that is the passenger compartment.  Additionally, I began working on the steering column mount.  The mount closer to the steering wheel is done, but I need to still make the mount for the bracket closer to the firewall.  Note that in these pictures the dash tubing is not yet complete.


I also began working on the pedals.  The first order of business was to cut out the top and rear sides of the tube going across the bottom of the driver footwell, since my bottom-mount pedals need to occupy that space.  Previously I had been planning on cutting out the tube altogether and replacing it with angle iron but thanks to my plasma cutter, cutting out what I didn’t need was a piece of cake.  I also cut out a panel for the bottom mount, and for the vertical wall of the driver footwell (which was super easy/quick thanks to the plasma cutter), tac welded them on, and drilled the mounting holes for the clutch pedal.  Brake pedal and finally the gas pedal will be next, then I’ll cut out the holes for the master cylinders to go through.


A couple of other notes.  I finally got the seat mounted, it ended up being really easy.  I’m using the summit racing universal sliders.  I also finished the diff mount 100%, as in I drilled the holes and welded the nuts onto the backside so that I can actually bolt the diff in.


Maybe one of these days I’ll actually hunker down and get past whatever is blocking me from fabricating the suspension.  Until then, I’ll just continue to work on other stuff.

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