Quick update on suspension

As another locost builder once said, my favorite color is UPS brown. I got a bunch of parts last week and more coming this week.. Shocks/springs are in, as well as the radiator. Also on order are the steering wheel/hub, passenger seat/cover, heater, fuel system fittings/lines, brake lines, wheel spacers, and some other things I might be forgetting. I’m also getting tires installed today at Gran Turismo East.

I ran into a snag with the rear suspension; the shock body hits the rear upper control arms when its installed. I’ll upload pictures of this issue but I’ve already come up with a fix, and have one of the two RUCAs re-done already. Also, tapping tubes is a huge PITA! I spent a whole evening just tapping two tubes for M16 threads.. I didn’t have a 14.5mm drill bit, just a 9/16″, so the hole was a bit too small but only by a tiny bit.. I guess it makes a huge difference because I had to work up quite a sweat to tap those things! At any rate they’re done so the front upper control arms ought to be done in the next couple days. I think I’ve said this a couple times lately, but I ought to have a roller soon :)

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