New fuel tank, plasma cutter

A couple of quick updates.. Haven’t worked on the car much lately but hope to this weekend. Finally got my new fuel tank in and man am I happy with it.. its so beautiful, super super light weight, and very nice construction. I ended up getting a 10″ diameter 33″ wide spun fuel tank that is often used by dune-buggy people, but I found a guy who modifies them (tons of options available)..

Had a sump, internal baffels, an extra outlet, and larger bung sizes added to mine. The seller is a guy named Bill Hower, his website is here:¬† I’m very pleased with his responsiveness and customer service overall, and as I said, with the craftsmanship on the tank. Best of all, it fits¬†perfectly in my car. I’ll have plenty of room to remove the diff from the top of the car and room for a trunk even if I decide to make one.

Secondly, I ended up ordering a longevity plasma cutter after my “potential group buy” thread sorta died. I have to say I’m pretty pleased/excited with it. Ended up costing me $375, and I also got a bunch of consumables that ought to last me a good while for another $135, with free shipping. I’ve heard several people say that easily 30% of the time they spent building their locost was on making brackets.. My hope is that this thing oughta make fabrication a bit quicker and easier. Time will tell, of course.

I’m going to write a more thorough review after I’ve had some more time with it, but when I got it I hooked it all up and tried it out on some 1/4″ thick angle iron (way thicker than I’ll probably ever cut for the locost mind you!).. WOW! I mean, I’ve watched videos of plasma cutters but it is bizarre to slice through that thick of steel like its butter.. As I said, more pics and details will come later but for now here you go:

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