Frame is coming together

So much for frequent updates.. Anyways, I’ve recently started working on the car a lot, and hope to keep up the progress. I have the basic frame done, now I need to mount the engine and diff, and build the transmission tunnel.

I spent a little bit of time arguing with myself about the supercharger.. with its current mounting setup it sticks outside where the hoodline is. I was considering cold-side mounting options, or perhaps just lowering it to under the exhaust (where the a/c used to be) on the hotside, but nothing really worked out in my head very well. I ended up settling on just leaving it as it is, and worrying about it later. I could probably make a custom outlet manifold if I REALLY wanted to, and then it would fit under the hood. I’ll probably either put a bulge in the hood or cut a hole for fitment. That’s a long ways down.

Oh and by the way, having a completed car 5 feet away is very very useful. There were probably half a dozen times I wondered “Hmm, what will that look like when its all done?” and I just went and looked at evox’s and it answered my question.

Here is the past week’s worth of work:

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